About Me

You’re no fan of reading and just want to know my skills spot on?
Then give my Character Sheet a try!

Foxy Greetings, Visitor!
I go by the name of Kevin Gelking, was born on in Germany in 1989 and have lived there ever since. I would describe myself as witty, modest and a very curious person, although others might describe me as an intelligent, shapeshifting nutcase.

Currently I am enrolled as a Student of Art & Technology (Branch “Game Creation and Production”) at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede (Netherlands) and am pursuing my Bachelor Degree of Art & Technology with great success and ease. Many projects barely scratch the surface of my abilities and the content teachers can teach me is limited, which is why I seek an internship to challenge myself to ‘level up’ more.

These are some of my Skills:

My greatest joy I find in modeling and texturing assets in Maya and Sculpting in zBrush. I started modeling in 3DSMax 8 when I was around 15 years young. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring its many features on my own initiative but switched to Autodesk Maya, where I now feel at home, as part of my study requirements. Years back I have taken a few glances at other 3D software such as Blender and Metasequoia as well.
I used to use Autodesk Mudbox in the first few semesters on college but soon switched to zBrush which I personally find far superior.
Sculpting in zBrush is a lot of fun to do for me and I am trying to work more and more efficiently and quickly in it.

Due to my mother’s previous educations in Traditional Art and later on Multimedia Design I took my first steps in programmes such as “Macromedia Fireworks” (nowadays known as Adobe Flash), Adobe Photoshop (7.0) and Adobe Illustrator at a fairly young age and I have been using Adobe Photoshop ever since. By now I can say that I’ve come quite a long way with yet a long road ahead of me. To be fair I can say that I am not Vincent Van Gogh, but I know my tools and canvas well. Along the way of studying some traditional sketching and painting techniques I came across Autodesk Sketchbook Pro which I use for most of my sketches and concept art “on the go” nowadays; Photoshop is still one of the most familiar programmes for me though.

[Game Design]
I have always aspired to make my own games and tried out programmes such as “RPG Maker”, “Game Maker” or “TES Construction Kit” to help me do so.
As part of my studies I now mostly use “Unity 3D”.
Over the years of having been interested in various games and having played hundreds of them I developed a very strong and sensitive feel for both good -and bad- gameplay and level layouts.
At University I noticed that both my criticism and suggestions are very often precisely what the jury/client and teachers would say at upcoming consultations or at the very end of the project. I tend to be very reluctant to give negative feedback and rather make suggestions.

I am not a full programmer; but I have a high affinity for programming and thoroughly enjoy to fiddle around with existing code or to create something new.
Through years of using Cheat Engine’s ASM Injector I understand many basic routines and how Assembly works in a nutshell. I did a semester Minor of very intensive self-study on the programming language C# (in Object Oriented Programming) and have come a long way in that short time. I am able to read and understand more complex code and can create my own solutions as well.
I can create a lot of things, but I have the habit of thinking too far ahead into possible upcoming problems.

One of my strong points is, that I am capable of working focused on one task for an extended period of time without getting tired or bored easily.
Spending several hours actually working on a project on the PC seems to be no problem for me!

The languages I am capable of speaking fluently (with near-native competence) are German, Dutch and English. Further I am able to write well written English and German with very few errors.
I consider myself proficient in the use of DarkByte’s “Cheat Engine” in both basic usage and Assembly Injections and was Tutored by “Geri” , so I can understand how some coding processes work “under the hood”.


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